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3 Things to do Right Away when going through a Divorce

Divorce proceedings can last a long time and get nasty before you know it. Even an “amicable” situation can start to look ruthless as time goes on and both people start to realize what’s at stake. If you’re preparing to go through the divorce process, there are several things you can do right off the… Read more »

How to Manage Social Media when going through a Divorce

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over again: if you’re going through a divorce, it is extremely important that you think critically about and pay close attention to what you’re posting on social media sites. Better yet – take a break from your social media accounts until the process is complete…. Read more »

Dealing with Divorce During the Holidays

Divorce is always difficult for families, and it seems like the stress they experience is increased during the holidays. One side or the other – or both – might become more emotional because life is changing. It is not unusual for a divorcing parent to feel depressed during the holidays. It can be especially difficult… Read more »

Is DIY Divorce a Good Idea? – Part II

Two weeks ago, I weighed some pros and cons of filing your divorce without an attorney (read Part I here) viagra rezeptfrei aus deutschland. This article is the follow-up to that conversation. The truth is that anything you can do with an attorney, you can do without an attorney. In the State of Colorado, most… Read more »

Is DIY Divorce a Good Idea? – Part I

Occasionally, our office gets questions from people anticipating a divorce as to whether it is a “good idea” to file the divorce paperwork by themselves. Of course, there is no black and white answer to this question because every divorce case is different, and every couple will bring different issues and challenges to the table…. Read more »

What Will My Child Custody Arrangement Look Like?

When a married couple with children decides to get divorced, one of the first questions that come up will often be about parenting time. Who gets the kid(s) when, will there be a “primary” parent, and what happens if I want to change the arrangement? Of course, every family is different, and every case is… Read more »

Know What is Considered Privileged Information

In my experience, when people are arrested they tend to fall victim to a condition I affectionately call, “diarrhea of the mouth.” Suddenly, they want to talk to everybody about what happened and they incorrectly assume that what they’re saying is privileged information. It’s important to remember when talking to your parents, your siblings or… Read more »

How Long Will it Take to Get Divorced? – Part II

Last week we began a conversation about how long it will take to get a divorce in Boulder County (read Part I of the series HERE). From the day you file, to the day your divorce is finalized, you’re attempting to reach an agreement. If you reach an agreement after 91 days from filing, the… Read more »