Talk to Barre

Barre Sakol offers clients free consultationsBarre believes that there are two factors necessary to having a successful attorney/client relationship:

  • A competent attorney, and
  • A compatible attorney

Therefore, he is willing to provide an initial consultation at no charge. While foregoing a fee for this time, he believes that this procedure maximizes the likelihood that there will not be personality problems in the future.

At this first consultation, Barre will not consider many of the specific details of your case. Instead, he will explain the legal process and provide you with an overview of what you can expect. This will be useful to you regardless of whether you retain Barre. This will also give you an opportunity to meet Barre and help determine whether it is a compatible relationship.

In consideration of your best interests, Barre waives the initial consultation fee so that you can make a truly independent determination of whether this “partnership” will work.