Family Law

Barre Sakol - Family Law AttorneyBarre Sakol has represented clients in a variety of family law matters, ranging from custody disputes, child support cases, removal cases (permanently removing a child from the State), dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, paternity, prenuptial agreements, etc. His cases have ranged from relatively simple matters, where the parties agree on most issues and only need assistance in drafting an Agreement (Barre can only represent one party) to some of the most complicated cases possible.

He recognizes that each case is unique and encourages his clients to explain to him the relevant issues in their case. He is also sensitive to the fact that the deterioration of the family is highly stressful, and, with the assistance of Teddy he attempts to minimize that stress.

While Barre will provide a detailed legal analysis of the case, he understands that he can never fully understand the intricacies of any given case. Therefore, he recognizes that the client has to make the final decision in his/her case, and he cannot dictate what is best for clients or their children. He understands that family matters are very personal, and he will give clients every opportunity to express themselves. He will work with clients to make the best of a bad situation.