Custody and Parenting Time

Barre Sakol can help with legal matters related to custody and parenting time. With custody disputes in Colorado, the legal standards are based on the “best interest of the child.”  Unfortunately,the best interest of the child is not always clear and easy to ascertain.

Oftentimes, the best interests of children are clouded by the emotions of a separation, divorce or new relationship, by mental health and substance abuse problems, by abuse, or by ordinary differences of opinion, culture and religion.

Barre has experience in handling routine child custody disputes as well as extremely complex issues, such as:

  • Relocation to another county or state;
  • Emergency circumstances involving issues such as mental health concerns, substance abuse and child abuse;
  • Legal custody disputes regarding religious upbringing, medical or educational choices; and
  • The ability of people, other than biological parents, (i.e., grandparents,stepparents, partners, etc.) to pursue some form of relationship with a child.