Maintenance and Alimony

Barre Sakol helps with legal matters related to maintenance/alimony/spousal support.In divorce or legal separation cases, maintenance/alimony/spousal support is typically one of the main focal points and also a very sensitive topic between divorcing couples.  It is important to have a family law attorney if your spouse or you intend to pursue maintenance.

In Colorado, there is a statutory formula for the purpose of calculating the amount and duration of maintenance; however, the formula is only a guideline.  In other words, the Court can deviate from the formula if the circumstances of the parties require a different approach.  The statute is relatively new, and, therefore, the interpretation of the statute is not well-defined.

Barre has the experience and vast knowledge base to determine how the parties’ income, earning capacity, age, health, work history, and the amount of child support being paid will impact the court’s decision regarding maintenance. He will work with you to understand all of the issues involved before determining whether maintenance should be part of your divorce settlement.